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Who we are

After getting my degree at the University of Amsterdam, I met Nicola on a research trip to Florence in 1992 and I decided to give life a try in Tuscany. I'm still here -- and Nicola, now my husband, and I have planted our roots in the countryside of Vinci.

In 2000 we had the courage to buy this old olive farm on the slopes of Montalbano. The placement, the surroundings, and the views are magic, and while the renovation of the house was an enormous job. . .  in the end we've finished it and are very happy with how it turned out. Podere Le Tortore is a peaceful place, the old buildings, while transformed into comfortable, even luxurious spaces, still retain their original character and feeling, and we enjoy amazing views in all weather.

Indeed, the result left us feeling both that we are very fortunate to live on this beautiful spot and
that we very much want to share it with our guests. We hope that during your stay you'll be able to absorb a bit of the magic of it all and feel at home. Many of our returning guests feel as if they have a second home in Tuscany!

Nicola has always lived in this area -- he works in the fashion industry. His real passion are old-time motorbikes, on which he does lots of 'raduni' during spring and summer. He will be proud to show them to you.

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